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Workwear Wednesday – From Day to Definitely Night

Hello! We took a week off from Workwear Wednesday last week due to a busy schedule and some re-organizing, but it’s back! A couple of weeks ago, my mom and I went to TJ Maxx to buy some face serum. I knew this was a mistake, but if I just focused on face products, I shouldn’t leave the store with much more than a couple of face lotions, right? Of course, I was wrong. Since I don’t really have anywhere to go anymore and I already have a closet full of clothes I no longer wear, which is how this blog came about, I’m really trying not to buy anything new. Long story short, I walked out of TJ Maxx with three facial products, two casual dresses (including this featured sweatshirt one), a really comfortable and cozy high neck sweatshirt, and a Christmas-themed pack of zero calorie flavor syrups for my daily protein shakes, which are absolutely delicious. My rationale for the clothing purchases was that they were all inexpensive, comfortable, and great for working from home. This dress truly is one of the most comfortable things I have every put on and can easily work for a variety of occasions.

The sweatshirt dress was on clearance for $10, and I basically bought the exact some thing in tank top dress form with t-shirt material, which I’m sure will be featured this summer. The long sleeved black t-shirt was free from my friend’s mom. The teal leggings were buy one get one free, which brought the one pair to $6.00. The black jacket was part of the suit set I bought with a 30% off friends and family coupon at The Gap years ago, and the black patterned tights were $12.00. Tall girl hint–Target sells tights that are LONG! On another side note, I bought both pairs of boots out of season on super clearance, so if you wait until February or March, you can get some pretty great deals!

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