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Workwear Wednesday – Whales for Work? Why Not?

What you should and shouldn’t wear to work can vary drastically depending on your industry and organization. A lot of organizations (not all) are realizing you don’t have to wear a suit and tie to be productive or professional (what a concept!), so they are loosening up their “dress code.” Especially now when most people are working from home or are just now transitioning back into the office, work attire has become a bit more relaxed. If your job allows some creativity in your attire, have a little fun and represent your personality! Why not wear whales to work? Whales (or any animal!) may be appropriate for work wear when subtle and paired with items that still allow you to look well put together. We are in our work clothes at least eight hours every day. We might as well enjoy them! The three looks below show how a short-sleeved button-up with a whale pattern can go from casual to more professional. Easily switch pants and/or shoes and add a jacket for different options.

IMG_2878  IMG_2864  IMG_2871

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