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Welcome to A Year of Career: 52 Practical Answers to Your Questions! Each week I will answer a question submitted by you to provide helpful tips you can incorporate as you look to advance in your current career or seek new opportunities. Audio and visual formats are available for each episode.

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Episode 23: 29:53 - I am really uncomfortable networking; should I just skip it?
Episode 22: 6:29 - What should I wear to an interview?
Episode 21: 17:34 - What are ways to request workplace accommodations if you have a disability?
Episode 20: 07:27 - When is it appropriate to omit experiences on your resume?
Episode 19: 08:47 - What are strategies for job searching while unemployed?
Episode 18: 22:35 - What should I know about taxes before starting a side gig?
Episode 17: 20:03 - What advice do you have for starting a side gig?
Episode 16: 06:46 - If a job requires 3-5 years of experience and I don't have that, should I apply?
Episode 15: 10:13 - Aside from job postings, how can I learn about potential job openings?
Episode 14: 24:19 - When is it too late for a career change?
Episode 13: 19:17 - If I only submit my resume to an online job board will I get a job?
Episode 12: 18:41 - How do I know if a career path is right for me?
Episode 11: 10:12 - What questions should I ask in an interview?
Episode 10: 12:05 - What are tips to utilize LinkedIn effectively?
Episode 9: 10:37 - What are things to consider when connecting with people on LinkedIn?
Episode 8: 10:09 - How do I get my resume noticed when I don't have related experience?
Episode 7: 6:58 - How many part-time jobs should I include on my resume?
Episode 6: 5:52 - How many jobs should I apply for?
Episode 5: 13:58 - What are ways to alleviate stress during a job search?
Episode 4: 11:50 - What tips do you have for a location bound job search?
Episode 3: 20:25 - What do you know now that you wish you would have known when you started your first job?
Episode 2: 9:25 - What tips do you have for work productivity?
Episode 1: 8:44 - What's the best way to approach a mentor?