Workwear Wednesday – The Beginning

Since Covid-19 hit, I have been working from home since March, as have most of you. I barely left my house the first three months and found that I rarely got to wear any of my nice work or dressier clothes because I didn’t have any reason to do so. This made me sad. I enjoyed figuring out what I was going to wear everyday but didn’t really see the point if nobody was going to see me. Now I’m working from home permanently, and I can probably count on one hand the number of times I have a worn a “work outfit” in four months. I know I will still need to dress up on occasion, but the frequency is now drastically minimized, so I went through my closet and got rid of an entire bag full of clothes to donate. I know I should part with more, but in the words of Marie Kondo, the rest bring me joy, and I just couldn’t get rid of them (yet).

That’s where this blog comes in. Through Workwear Wednesday I hope to inspire some of you to look in your closets and use your creative minds to come up with fun ways to use what you already have and show off your style in new ways. Each week, I’ll choose a focus-piece, likely a top or dress, paired with additional items you probably already have, and show 3-4 different ways to wear it to go from typical day, to important meeting day, to drinks after work day, to casual Friday.

This is may rely on my husband taking the blog photos (at least at some point), which most certainly is going to end in a complete disaster. He cannot take a decent picture (either as the model or photographer—this isn’t mean; it’s just true, and he will be the first to admit it). No matter what happens it should be a fun experiment, and I hope someone finds some inspiration from it! Update: During the course of taking the first pictures with my brother as the photographer, to no surprise, we found out I am also a terrible and awkward model, so this could be very interesting. Focus on the outfits, not on me, please!

I’d love to feature others’ outfit ideas also to have a variety, so if you are interested, let me know!

Workwear Wednesday Week 1 – All items except the shoes cost less than $15.00 and were purchased either on clearance or during a buy one get one sale.